Benjamin Watson, Baltimore Ravens Players Take 25 Families on Christmas Shopping Spree

Benjamin Watson and his Baltimore Ravens teammates participate in Watson’s annual Big BENefit event at a Walmart in Randallstown, Maryland, on Dec. 11, 2017. (PHOTO: JOE WOODARD)

Less than 24 hours after suffering a tough primetime loss to their rivals in Pittsburgh on Sunday night, a handful of Baltimore Ravens players, led by devout Christian tight end Benjamin Watson, gave over two dozen underserved families a big Christmas surprise on Monday.

Parents and guardians from 25 Maryland families were called down to a Baltimore area Walmart where they were not only greeted with a free Chick-fil-A dinner but were each given $325 gift cards to help them fulfill their children’s Christmas wishes this year.

The parents were assembled by the nearly century old Christ-centered nonprofit Building Families for Children on behalf of Watson and his wife, Kirsten, who together run the One More Foundation and have been supplying Christmas surprises for children since 2008.

In a sectioned-off “Garden Center” in the Walmart off Liberty Road, the parents feasted on chicken sandwiches and waffle chips as they listened to Watson’s two daughters play their violins. They would later be presented with Gospel messages from both Benjamin and Kirsten Watson.

The parents were gathered for the Watsons’ annual Big BENefit event, which he and his wife have held every year in the cities in which he has played football professionally. After hosting the event in Boston, Cleveland and New Orleans, Monday’s Big BENefit marked the second year in which the Watsons held the event in the Baltimore area.

“Our idea is that if we are able to positively affect one person and that person does something for someone else, then that is how change happens. We can all do something for somebody else,” Watson told the parents.

“There is a verse in Matthew that says, ‘Whatever you do for one of the least of these you do for me,'” he continued. “As believers, we believe that we are not doing things for people just for us but for them because that is what God has commanded us to do. We are doing this because we are being obedient.'”

Kirsten Watson, who homeschools their five children, followed her husband and shared the biblical account of Jesus feeding the 5,000, as told in John 6.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Samuel Smith 

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