Bishop Paul Morton Joins House of Hope Atlanta To Celebrate Pastor E. Dewey Smith’s 13th Pastoral Anniversary and 27 Years of Ministry


This past Sunday, House of Hope Atlanta, celebrated the 13th pastoral anniversary of Dr. E. Dewey Smith. Saints flooded the sanctuary from near and far to commemorate all that Dr. Smith has done to contribute to the progression of House of Hope Atlanta. Among the star studded guests in attendance, Bishop Paul S. Morton was able to pay his respects with a visit which was a great example of two awesome leaders doing ministry in the same city.

Bishop Paul S. Morton preached the word of the hour. His message: Be Strong and Very Courageous. He began his sermon by vehemently exclaiming his love for Dr. Smith. “I love Dr. E Dewey Smith with my whole heart.” He commended Dr. Smith for his awesome work in and around the church and community. He added that regardless of our talents, it is imperative that we still look to God for guidance. “Whatever talents we have, we still have to ask God what to do.” Just as the congregation often looks to Dr. Smith for guidance, Joshua’s people looked to him to let them know what to do.

He added, “Often times, church folk get nervous when the pastor says, I prayed!” We must remember that regardless of who is in charge, God will remain on the Throne. “God will give his plan to the prophet first.” In life, it is important to not be surprised or discouraged when you are the champion of an idea and your thoughts and choices are different. This is because if you are doing things just as everyone else you will be normal. Which leads to being just like the average Joe.

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SOURCE: Joy105 – Kyle Cobb

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