Bishop T. D. Jakes Releases “The Art of Preaching” Guide Online – Available For Purchase Today


Are you ready to learn how Bishop T. D. Jakes builds powerful sermons?

Everyday Bishop Jakes is asked by Pastors on how they can build more effective and engaging sermons. Here he is sharing 40 years of ministry in the first edition of The Art Of Preaching.  A first-of-its-kind publication from TDJ Enterprises, The Art of Preaching aims to demystify the complexities of sermon building.

This product includes Bishop Jakes’ basic framework to building a sermon as well as 15 highly detailed sermon outlines that you can take right to the pulpit. The sermon outlines are based on:

  • Destiny, Step Into Your Purpose, a New York Times Best Seller
  • Bishop Jakes’ Top 5 Sermons of 2015
  • The Anointing, by Dr. Cynthia James

You have your choice of the following at the introductory prices below:

  • Art of Preaching Guide (PDF) ONLY – $29.99
  • Art of Preaching Guide (PDF) with Video Sermons – $49.99 (Bishop Jakes’ Top 5 Sermons of 2015!)
  • Art of Preaching Guide (PDF) with Audio Sermons – $39.99 (Bishop Jakes’ Top 5 Sermons of 2015!)

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SOURCE: Gumroad | T.D. Jakes

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