Pastor E. Dewey Smith Jr. Gives 10 Tips For Voting as a Person of Faith


I’ve been asked enumerable times about the role faith plays in the voting process. Here are “10 TIPS FOR VOTING AS A PERSON OF FAITH”:

1) Realize that America is NOT just for Christians and people who believe in the Bible.

2) America has NEVER truly been a Christian Nation. Many of the “Founding Fathers” owned slaves. That alone proves how selective persons can be when it comes to faith and economics. Some supported a Mormon Candidate in the last election. Sometimes people of faith use it for political expediency.

3) The job of the President is to uphold the U.S. Constitution. America is even for Atheists. People with no faith are JUST as American as those with faith. You might not like it but it’s the truth.

4) “State Sponsored Religion” always leads to horrible situations. Research history!

5) We don’t want the Supreme Court interpreting Scripture or Holy Documents.

6) If “Faith” will be the basis of ALL laws in America, which faith will we use?

7) There’s a difference between PERSONAL theology and PUBLIC policy.
For instance, my PERSONAL theology allows women to hold leadership positions, but some people don’t hold those views. Which PERSONAL view is correct?

8) Our Elected Officials are not THE SAVIOR!!!

9) I believe in Heaven & it’s NOT America.

10) Don’t base your vote on 1-2 issues. Many Christians have major theological issues with Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage. While we are entitled to support whatever we choose, please know that there are MANY other issues that affect our Nation. National Security, the Economy, Mass Incarcerations, Justice, Diversity, The Economy, Gender Equality, Racism, Foreign Policy, Education, the Environment, Social Security, Immigration, Presidential Temperament and Education are just a few. Familiarize yourself with a host of issues and not just a few. It will help you to be more thoughtful and holistic. You may not have a candidate that shares your views 100%. iN CLOSING, this world isn’t “home” and therefore will NEVER be perfect! Our political frustrations are often simple signs to remind us that we are not at “home” yet. #presidentialdebate2016 #presidentialelection #GodHelpUs#GodBlessAmerica

SOURCE: Pastor E. Dewey Smith, Jr. Facebook

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