Radio Host Meeke Addison Says Black Lives Matter Movement is “Incompatible With Biblical Christianity”


The biggest failure in contemporary America is the breakdown of the family, and because it “seeks to destroy and dismantle the family,” the Black Lives Matter movement is bad for the black community, says conservative radio host Meeke Addison.

“You look at the state of our country right now and the biggest failure we are experiencing is the breakdown of the family. The breakdown of one man and one woman raising children,” said Addison, who co-hosts “Airing the Addisons” with her husband Wil on the American Family Association’s Urban Family Talk Radio.

“And the studies have recently shown that the best chance that a kid has at being successful in the United States of America is that they come from an intact family, a family where the parents have never been divorced, and they’re raised by their biological mom and dad. That is their best shot at success,” Addison said during an interview with

“And listen, even when you talk about the racial disparities…the wage gap and all of these things… that stuff is destroyed when a person is raised in an intact family. In fact, what we know now is that a black kid who grows up in an intact family actually fares better financially, economically, emotionally than a white kid who grows up in a broken home.

“So the racial element really is kind of null when you look at the information that’s available: the family is the backbone of the community.”

Addison, who is also the author of “Hard Truths” – which she described as a one-month devotional for Christians who are “ill-prepared to relate to a culture that is at war with biblical principles” – pointed out that because it “seeks to destroy” the family, the Black Lives Matter movement is “incompatible with biblical Christianity.”

“I want to make this distinction: not the sentiment, because black lives do matter as all lives matter – but I want to say this: the Black Lives Matter movement is incompatible with biblical Christianity. It is an actual movement. They have beliefs and convictions. It is an organization that was founded on what I find to be destructive beliefs, a destructive aim,” she continued.

“And the black Christian community is overlooking this. How do we care about those who are being unjustly targeted in culture without aligning with this movement? Well, I think we do that very easily.

“But when you look at the Black Lives Matter movement, if you are a biblical Christian, you have to stand against it. The Black Lives Matter movement seeks to destroy and dismantle the family. They seek to emasculate men. If you go to their website,, you’ll find that information there. I’m not making it up. But we don’t do our research….

“Because there is this thought that white people should feel guilty about the condition of black America, I believe that you have a lot of well-intended white Christians who are victims of this movement, and getting involved with a movement that actually is vehemently opposed to the tenets of faith that you say you espouse.”

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SOURCE: Barbara Hollingsworth, CNS News

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