SEE IT: Pastor John Gray Preaches at The Potter’s House Dallas, Holds Book Signing

“The Number 8” – 1 Samuel 16:11-13
You’re the number 8! Nothing exposes character more than the way you treat people you don’t need. Whatever is for you is directly in front of you. Don’t be more concerned with your reputation than the Word of the Lord! Just because your circumstances don’t look promising doesn’t mean God doesn’t have something for you! You have to do what you were created to do and let others do what they were created to do. Don’t be so busy being academic that you miss the supernatural touch of God! You haven’t even prayed to God for the things He is about to bless you with as you’re going to keep living until what God has created you to do has been done! Remember, you’re a “Number 8” and you were made to Worship, made to Warfare, and made to Win!

SOURCE: The Potter’s House Dallas

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